Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home in the Ozark Mountains Blog. (Click Here For Comments)

Scuba Steve yesterday. Off to the tropy pond.Image title

Fred Gunn from Kansas City with some very nice fish.Image title

The lake level is 553 and we receirved a two day total of 2-inches of badly needed rain. It is to be very warm for the next several days.I have been pole fishing during the cloudy and rainy days and diving on the sunny ones with good results. John Bornhop is here and catching all kinds of fish. Stripers, hybrids, white bass, bass, catfish, crappie, bluegill and is now after a big walleye. John and Debbie Shreeves are back and welcome. John is also catching some good fish. Fred Gunn is here for the first time from Kansas City and is doing very well, especially on big walleye. The Davis boys are back and it is good to see them. They always catch fish as does Joe cebula. Joe helps a lot of people here and we really appreciate it. He also donates fish for the trophy pond. It has been very busy here and we like it like that. Fishing is getting better and better and is in it's normal pattern for a full moon in October. The full moon in November should bring out the stick bait fish on the bank near Blackburns before and after dark. All fish are biting now and Harvey reports getting a lot of very nice Crappie. You can call him for a crappie trip at 870-481-5630 and Bink's at 870-499- 7384 for anything else. This is a good time to visit. Call Debbie at 1-800-635-0526. The fall foliage is on schedule for a late October peak. Blackburns is also your fall foliage headquarters for the Mountain Home area. Good time of year for everything. Low cost cabins and Boat rentals available.