Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is 553.51 and rising very slowly with no generation for two days. We are very dry and can take a 1 or two inch rain with no problem.The level of the White River at Newport is 10-feet and they can generate all they want. The spring rains are coming. If that is a surprise again this year the light on the tree is not shining too brightly. It seems the new strategy is hold the water until it gets high and then open the gates and waste the water and money. Government.The lake just will not clear up in this area. The brown water is gone but it is now just an off-tea colored green. It is much clearer north towards Red Bank and Freom Robinson Point South. The surface temperature is still about 55 and has not changed in a long time with the cool nights. The fishing is fair one day and poor the next. A lot of small bass were caught yesterday with only a few keepers. It could be better today. Some very nice bluegill and a catfish were caught off Blackburns dock and that is a good sign. The fish are getting more active and moving back into the creeks. Try the first points coming into the creeks from the main lake, especially if there is brush on them. Some crappie are shallow over 25-ft. brush and smaller white bass are moving into the mouths of the creeks. The larger ones were biting a bit but have slowed. There is just a lot of shad with no fish on them and some stripers and hybrids are loners and not schooled. A few are schooled but are not biting very well. We are just in a transition and things could change rapidly. Stay turned. Blackburns has some good fishermen in and everyone is just anxious for winter to be over. I know I am. I like top water action and crappie on the bank and it is coming. Nobody knows when but we will tell you when it happens. Listen to Live in The Boat with Bink's Guide service on Thursdays at 8:45 AM on KTLO FM 97.9. and get a first hand report.