Norfork Lake Arkansas near Mountain Home in the Ozarks Mountains Region Fishing Report and Lake Conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental.

Cabin #12 is finished and ready for your visit. I has a king in the master bedroom and now has a queen and other two beds in bedroom 2. $83/day $498/week 0ff-season. Image title
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The lake level is 553.27 and has dropped 3/4 of an inch in the last 24-hours with little generation. The White River at Newport is 15.77 and dropping and the surface water temperature was 48 degrees on the main lake yesterday afternoon and the water clarity was about the same and you could see your lure down about 3-4 feet and it might be more clear in the creeks than the main lake. The ambient temperature was just shy of 40-degrees and it was sunny with light winds. Our normal high is 44-degrees and has started to rise again meaning we could be past the middle of winter. It is to warm up nicely today, get to 60-degrees tomorrow and then another cold front is coming through but not as bad with highs near 40. They just keep coming. It is predicted that february will be warmer than normal but we shall see. Last february was not so good. We are about 6-7 feet too high going into the spring and there has been no effort to drop the lakes so far this winter when they had the chance. The may rains come along with storms and the only ones that do not seem to know this are the ones managing the lake level. 560 is too high and we are just one big rain from being there. 546-47 would give us a little buffer and not hurt anybody. My aerator pump and bilge pump were frozen up, my steering was stiff and the line going to the water gauge had frozen and was leaking water on my shoe. I took it loose and tied a knot in it and went fishing and the fish were biting, especially the crappie and some nice ones too. I caught my limit of five and threw several back along with a few bluegill and came in. I just wanted a few more to go into Tom Kelly's trophy pond before spring spawn. I will get a couple of pounds of tuffies from Nabatak to get them through the winter and it will be ready. It could use a couple more walleye but I have not caught any lately. The striper bite is still pretty good in deep water and they are still killing them and they are getting smaller and smaller. I guess if you cannot get bass you can kill stripers. Get that meat at all costs. At least the White Bass are making a comeback but are not nearly what they were three years ago. Hybrid fishing is just fine but not nearly as many of them are stocked. The bass, crappie, walleye, bluegill and catfish should be excellent this year. The high water does not affect fishing much ulnless it comes all at once like in 2017. That was not good. Keep all of the trash and logs up in Missouri. People are already calling and are getting disappointed about not getting the cabin and rental boat of their choice because of all of the early reservations. Customers are taking advantage of Blackburns low prices and are not happy with other places raising their prices on them. Friends do not raise prices on friends especially if they use the money to go on vacation.  I like it here and have no place that I would rather be. The improvements continue.