Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home in the Ozark Mountains Blog. (Click Here For Comments)

When I went diving yesterday it was cloudy and warm and started to rain right when I got to my destination. I anticipated that but wanted to go since the days for this year are numbered. The visibility was bad but I did get a couple of nice walleye and a crappie. The lake usually clears after turnover but is showing no signs of doing it so far. Reports of the main lake being clear are extremely exaggerated. The ambient temperature is to be near 80 for the next several days extending the diving season. The clear skies and sunshine greatly enhances the visibility down to about 20-feet and that is where the fish are. The creeks go from clearing to green and back again in a short period. Some sediment is settling to the bottom as normal but not as much as usual. The water will clear after this happens but we do not want it too clear. Stained water is best for fishing.  Crappie and bass are your best bite unless you want to travel north. I do not wish to do so since the open water fish are moving to me and a lot of shad are already showing up close to Blackburns. I hate to waste gas. Resort owners cannot afford to do that unless they are charging too much. We are a poor bunch. If you are coming to the Mountain Home area for the brilliant fall foliage only might as well stay home. It does not look good.The lake is in excellent condition and the weather is beautiful. Surface temperature is still in the low 70's and steady. The nights have warmed a bit and the lows are now in the mid 50's. Usual high is 66 and low is 43. Great time for a fishing trip. Still looks good for the full moon in November (14th) but I cannot guarentee anything. You will be the first to know. People cleaning bass are finding them full of crawdads and walleye are empty. We have not been near a frost yet and I am still picking peppers and tomatoes out of the garden.