Norfork Lake Conditions and fishing report By Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental Near Mountain Home (click here for comments)

The surface temperature is in the mid 60's and the main lake is very green like it is turning over. The moon is getting big and is full on November 4th. I went out about 3:30 PM and stayed until dark. I spooned a brush pile and caught several fish and then they quit. Moved to another one and switched to a slip float and minoow as the wind died and it was calm and I could stay on the brush with minimal use of the trolling motor. I caught some very big crappie and bluegill. I ended up catching a bucket full for the pond including bass, crappie bluegill and white bass. The walleye were short. I finally caight several crappie in the 13-14 inch range. It was very pleasant out with the temperature in the 60's and sunny. We are to get back into the 70's later this week. We did have two cold days with highs short of 50. Still not on the big bass. Many of the white bass are small and they are also near brush. The crappie are tight above it and if you move off a bit they are not there. Put you marker buoy down and go against the wind and stay right on the brush. The people with anchor on their trolling motor are spending too much time off the brush before they get back on it. Some of the bluegill are big. Lots of baitfish with small fish on them. Get a hook sharpener and use it or loose a lot of fish. Especially striper with a hard mouth. Cabins $53/day with a free boat stall. 870-492-5115. Why pay more?