Norfork Lake Conditions and fishing report By Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental Near Mountain Home (click here for comments)

Lake level is steady at 553.32 with little generation. It is to be warm for the next two days and cool off dramatically after then. Out normal high is 68 degrees and we will not get close to that. A feeeze is even predicted. The water surface temperature hit 69 last evening when I went out and it is the first time I have seen that low since this spring. People that have been wanting cold weather are getting what they want.  I prefer warm. The lake is looking green both main lake and creeks. The wind has been pretty bad but is to go away this evening. A lot of fish have blown into Blackburns creek as have the shad. The bank is full of shad and minnows. It was good to not have someone on my brush piles yesterday. Maybe they have gone home or fishing another part of the lake. Either one will work.  I put 6-crappie, four bass, two warmouth and three bluegill in the pond. Some on the grub, some on the spoon and some on the slip float with minnows. Several people are coming in so be sure to bring warm clothes. I would not recommend driving here to view fall foliage again this year.  What color there was blew off the last two days. We did get 1.2 inches of rain this weekend and needed it badly. November should bring walleye to the shadowy banks before dark on soft plastics and maybe stripers after dark on stick baits.  They move in to feed some years but not always. Depending what the shad does. Right now I am spooning brush piles. Some nice bass are finally showing up on the wind blown banks. Many fish are surfacing late but mostly small ones.