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Caught this morning on a 1/4 ounce Bink's spoon.Image title

The lake level is now 555.55 and they have cut down generation a lot. Guess they think the lake does not need to drop any farther. I disagree. The so called seasonal levels need to be reviewed or completely gone. Where did they come from anyway? They used to draw the lake down in the winter and prepare for the spring rains. Now they do not. How is that working out for them? Makes them look incompetent when they get tricked every year. The answer is "that is what the dams are for, to hold water". My answer is "hold the water at a lower level". I went out in the middle of the day and caught bass continuously for about two hours. I probably caught 25-30 fish on my grub and about 4-5 were keepers. I do not keep them anyway. It was fun. Many, many small fish are everywhere. Some crappie in the 10-11 inch range are being caught on brush but the schools are small. I do not know if they are roaming or just being caught out. I caught a 4-lb. channel cat on the grub and it was my largest fish.