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The land for Blackburn's Resort was purchased in 1942 by Fred and Charlene Blackburn. Norfork Lake was a "brand new" lake at that time as the dam was just being finished. Blackburn's was the first resort on the new lake.

Because World War II left America short on many items needed to build a new resort, the Blackburn's constructed much of the resort from materials they made themselves. For example bricks and cement blocks could not be found in the area so they made them by hand. Much of the labor involved using a horse walking a tread mill to turn saws and mixers. By 1946 the resort opened as Blackburn's Ranch and Resort.

In 1949 the Blackburn family sold the resort. The new owner kept the name and ran the resort for 29 years. He sold to yet another owner who kept the Blackburn name and operated the resort for another 17 years. Despite the change in ownership many of the guests who came in the late 1940's and the 1950's kept returning each year, and several still come back each summer.

In early 1996 Steve Street, the current owner of Blackburn's, bought the resort. Like his predicesors he kept the Blackburn name. Steve graduated from high school in 1969 and immediately went into the military where he stayed until 1972. After his military duty Steve attented college and earned a BA in economics, business administration, and electronic technology, and then a Masters in chemical engineering. After college Steve worked for National Starch and Chemical as a chemical engineer, then for Carnation Company as an engineering manager, then Michael Foods as director of Operations, Interstate as V.P. and General Manager, and for Schroeder Group as VP and General Manager. Steve is a member of the American Legion, the VFW, the Elks, and is a Master Mason. Steve enjoys scuba diving in which he holds several certifications, fishing, hunting, and all outdoor recreation. As a young man Steve was an Eagle Boy Scout.

Steve also holds a valid Commerical Pesticide Applicator's license. Because of his experience with pesticides and insect control, Steve speaks with confidence when he says there are no mosquitoes at Blackburn's Resort.

Sorry, you must rent a cabin at Blackburns to rent a boat here. Not our rule but the Corps of Engineers stupid rule. We do not have boat stalls available for one night stays.

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