Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

This is what the new siding on our cabins looks like.Image titleImage title

The lake level is 554.22 and is the same as this time yesterday with both generators running about 1/2 the time, one half generator running 1/4 of the time and Zero about 1/4 the time. It is a good thing the spring rains have not started yet. The lake surface water temperature is between 47 and 48 degrees depending on when you are out there. The cool nights drop it a little and the sunny warm afternoons warm it a bit. It will take lows to move up into the 50's for a more speedy change. It will get there but normal ambient highs are only 56 degrees. It is to be above that for at least the next week with not a lot of chances for rain in the forecast. Things overall are about normal except the fishing has not picked up very much yet. The creeks did stain up some yesterday. We are working very hard on resurfacing the pool and basketball court and installing and staining new siding on several cabins. Things are really looking good here at Blackburns. The boats are almost all serviced and several seats are getting reupholstered at I.T.S. in Midway. They do a great job. The dock has new cables, encased floats, new pumps on both fish cleaning stations (no waiting to clean fish here) and many other improvements including another Purple Martin House. That makes three on the dock and more in the resort. The flock is getting bigger and I really like it when they get here. We do not have mosquitoes here but they sure take care of other flying insects including the mayflies. The cold weather last month set us back a bit but things are really getting done now. Not much time for fishing but the days are getting longer and I can get in a couple of hours after work before dark.  There will be no price increases on anything this year and our summer rates do not go into effect until Memorial Day. We do not jack the prices in the spring like several others. Some have new price increases this year and are raising them again next week. Compare before you buy. Why pay more? Bass fishing is still the best with a few crappie(just a few) starting to bite. People are getting antsy to get back out in the water and I am getting many calls about when to come to fish. All I say is not yet but I will be out there everyday and let you know. I would like to say soon but March is so variable that it is impossible to predict. People want to schedule vacations and I understand that. People bragging about fishing right now ask them if you catch no fish do you have to pay? If they agree, take them up on it. I will not tell you fishing is good until it is.