Norfork Lake fishing report and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

Scuba Steve with a couple of good ones released under the dock.Image title

The lake level is 568.44 and continues to rise with very little generation. It has risen a little over an inch in the last 24-hours with rain scheduled for late this afternoon and tonight with a cold front coming through cooling temperatures down to the low 70's for a high and high 40's for a low. Hopefully nothing severe but it is all around us. We have been fortunate. The policy of hold and hope continues with lake management except for Table Rock which is approaching normal and really filling Bull Shoals quickly. It is a good thing we have not had excess rain. I am glad Norfork Lake is not hooked on to the White River and below Table Rock lake.  It is bad enough being the stepchild and the only one not on the White River chain. We get forgotten and they have a tendency to just hold us.  With very little water being discharged into the White River and the level dropping quickly at Newport I do not expect any relief soon and expect high levels all summer unless we get a drought and then the 12-ft. rule will take effect and limit the discharge severely. I expect the beaches to be available by about October. People will have to swim off boats, docks or in swimming pools again this year. Stay out from the bank far enough so you do not jump into brush and if there is no brush there will be rocks. Be careful of props and do not try to beach the boats close to the shore. If you do you can go to Harold's welding to get them repaired if you do not swamp on the way in. Stay out in about 20 ft. of water and anchor to be safe. Expect a long walk from parking areas to the launch after launching your boat. It is best to rent a stall from a marina or stay at a resort with a dock or just rent a boat. You cannot rent a boat from a resort unless you are staying there. Corps Of Engineer Rule to keep the prices higher and they are getting higher with the prices of boats rising rapidly. White bass and small striper fishing is picking up early on top-water and bass fishing is good after that. Some bass are with the red meat fish on top. Big Bluegill are near willows in shallow water back in creeks and also on main lake. If you see a bunch of willows there will be bluegill in them and big ones too. Some crappie have moved to 30-ft. brush and the spawn for all practical purposes is over for them but there are some stragglers. Big bass have spawned and Kentuckies will continue untl July. Flathead catfish are the last to spawn and should be finished by the middle of July. The smallmouth bass bite is very good right now and catfish are biting on limb lines baited with bluegill. I am fortunate to be able to fish anytime I want but this is not one of those times. See you on the lake Tuesday.