Norfork Lake fishing report and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is 569.76 and has risen 6-inches in the last 24-hours with very little generation. It is like they put a plug in the shower drain and keep taking showers. There is no doubt it is going to keep rising whether it rains or not. The only thing that will stop hold and hope is the level 580 when it goes over the spillway. Norfork is 10-ft. from going over, Bull Shoals is 9-ft. Table Rock is 11-ft. and Beaver is 0.8 feet. It would have really been nice to not to be in this situation but they can always blame rain and say that is what the dams were built for. I say they can be managed better. As long as tax revenue is good the government does not care about anything but spending our money. Congress makes the rules managing the dams (government) Corps Of Engineers manage the dams (government) and Southwestern Power Administration control power generation and distribution (government) and as long as the public does not put pressure on them nothing will change. If they run a private business they would all be fired. Blackburns has almost all repeat customers and is full with several boats rented despite the cold weather and people are trying hard to make the best of it with few complaints. We are the first resort to fill up with people taking advantage of the lowest prices on both cabins and boat rentals but no one has ventured into the big pool with slide so far today. It was busy yesterday though. Those children really want to go swimming and I feel bad for them. Maybe tomorrow will be better. It is just 55-degrees now at 3:PM and does not look like it will warm much today. It was supposed to be 70. Many people are on the internet and it is good that we have 300-MG because most of the band width is being used with a lot of streaming. I do not go out on the lake on holidays so I do not know how much the boat traffic is being affected but some reports say there are still quite a few out there. We have several rented and they are out. The water surface temperature is still in the mid 70's but it is a little chilly when you get out with the north wind blowing on you. Sorry.  Global warming is our biggest security threat. It would be hard to sell that today. One thing I am pretty sure of is that the tent camping has cut way back this weekend. I thought I was done with that when I got out of The Boy Scouts but my interest was renewed for me when in the military and found out what 1/2 tent was. It is not likely that my interest will be renewed again. Not very likely at all.