Norfork Lake Conditions and fishing report By Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental Near Mountain Home (click here for comments)

Scuba Steve with a couple of yesterday's catch. Image title

Caught a bucket full of fish for the pond yesterday. Bass, crappie, white bass, goggle eye, bluegill. The 5 mile per hour wind from the south turned out to be white caps from the west. You cannot depend on the weather forecast here. We do not fit into Harrison or Little Rock with us having all of the lakes, rivers and hills and valleys. It was very warm with highs in the 60's and that is what the water temperature was, 60. The main lake is clearing again but that has happened before. It seems to change daily. It is good to have some of the larger bass on the brush and banks again. crappie are scattered and I am catching one or two at each fishing location but they are getting bigger. I am not fiding big schools anywhere like a few weeks ago but am picking up several each day. Bink is still on the stripers using his spoon and some of our guests are also using umbrella and Alabama rigs. White bass are just outside brush piles in 40-ft. of water with some being right in the brush at 30-feet. Shad are abundant with many schools having no big fish under them. The weather looks to hold for the next week with good conditions for fishing. December can be very variable and has been known to be our coldest month. I like 50 and cloudy for fishing with winds from the west at 5-10. The lake level is 552.17 and dropping with an increase in generation. Just right for now.