Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is 560.78 and has risen about 4-inches in the last 24-hours with both generators running part of the time and one part of the time. When they cut back the lake rises and when both are running it stabilizes but does not drop. We received 1-1/2 inches of rain in a two day total earlier in the week.  The water temperature was 57 on the main lake yesterday and that will rise with the ambient temperature approaching 80 today with sunshine. We are to get a little more rain later this weekend and then hopefully none for several days. The usual two cold fronts a week are to come through this week with alternating warm and cool days and nights. There is some debris in Blackburns area on the main lake and with the slowly rising water it is breaking away from the bank and moving around with the current caused by generation and the wind direction. I do not see this going away until the level drops and the stuff hangs up on the shore again. The creeks vary from fairly clear to brownish green depending on the generation. I could see my lure down a little more last evening so it is heading in the right direction. Bass fishing is still the best with most of them on the banks now and back in the creeks on bluegill. A few crappie are being caught but not as many big ones as before  along with some hybrids and a few small stripers but there have been no good results reported for the night bite for them yet. They have to simulate a spawn soon and it should be happening. They are one of the few fish that ingest their own eggs. The full moon is tomorrow and if there are clear skies they should be on their spawning banks north of Cranfield and across from Quarry Marina. The walleye should be showing up now but I am not finding any. Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental has received awards for the Best of Mountain Home in the most improved resort and the best value categories for the second consecutive year.  Come on down and check us out. You will like what you see and like the price better. Why pay too much for nothing unless you just have too much money? If you do stay here and give the difference to Disabled American Veterans. They need it more. Fishing overall is just fair. It is beautiful today and there are several boats out there.