Spring-Like Weather Coming Next Week (Click Here For Comments)

The water color is mostly stained green now and the brown is gone. That is good. With the spillway gates closed the level is dropping just a bit over 4-inches a day and is at 557.41 and they continue to run both generators. It will take about nine days to reach 554 at this rate and then we will see what they will do. Either drop to one generator or stop all generation and run intermittantly to maintain the level. It has been dry here with some burn bans allowing the lake to drop faster than a normal spring.  For some reason the new management wants to keep us one big rain from being too high. I like more cushion as do most dock owners. It is to be in the 70's for later next week with warm weather hanging around for several days after that. Good time for a fishing trip. We have some good striper fishermen in now who like to troll umbrellas and we will see how they do. They always catch fish. A lot of Greers Ferry people are booking trips to Norfork with their fishing problems. Their shad died and there is to be no more stocking of predator fish there until the numbers get back up. AGFC are raising shad to stock in the lake. Shad population is not a problem on Norfork. The fishermen's biggest problem is competing with the bait fish numbers. I tried stickbait fishing with no luck and switched back to the grub on the bottom for bass. It is working ok but not great. All of the fish being caught now are big and fat. The fish will move to the bank sooner or later and fishing will get good. Not too far away. I know you are tired of seeing pictures of small stripers and hybrids and I will try to catch some big fish later this week. I look for walleye and bass fishing to be excellent on Norfork this year. They are in there. Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental is ready for your visit.