Norfork Lake fishing Report and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental (click here for comments)

Kim from Ewing, Illinois with a nice one. They release most of their fish. Image title

The lake level is 557.53 and is up about 1/2 inch in the last 24-hours with generation about 1/2 the time with 1- 1/2 generators running. It was beautiful yesterday and that is to continue until Wednesday morning when we are to get rain and thunderstorms through Thursday. We could get some heavy rainfall out of this.The ambient temperature is to be near 80 for the next two days and then cloud up but stay in the 70's and clear back up for the weekend. I saw several more bass on the beds last evening now that the water is warming again. The creeks are surprisingly clear after the rain and runoff. The surface water temperature is is still hanging in there at about 62 but is rising now with last night staying warm and about 60. The surface water temperature was 62 this morning. I am still not catching many spawned out fish except walleye but that will change soon. There was a top-water bite this morning with bass coming up in front of Twin Coves early. It did not last long but is improving every day. Crappie and Bass continue to be the best bite but trollers are getting some small stripers and some nice hybrids. Hybrids are the best bite of the red meat fish now but expect more of both as the top-water bite improves. People continue to kill those small stripers like they are trying to eradicate them and they are. It is certainly nothing to brag about. Many crappie are on beds now and I hope the lake level does not come up very much for a couple of weeks but it could. Blackburns has several good fishermen in and they are all catching fish. It is a good time of year. Just keep the storms and heavy rains away. The lake is in excellent condition and Blackburns is ready for your visit. We will start filling the pool soon. It is big and takes several days to fill but you will like it when you get here. I get a kick out of people paying an extra $25-30 per day for cabins, also paying for their first boat stall and then hauling gas cans up and down from the dock to town to save money on gas. It does not make much sense. Come on down. We will not charge you too much. Keep working the banks back in the windblown creeks with creature baits for bass and crappie. The wind should start to change from predominately north to the south as things warm up so change creeks and look for top-water action early on sunny days. Fish will bite all day on cloudy days.