Winter Crappie

It is sunny today with a high to hit about 40 degrees. The lake level is 553.14 and dropping slowly with a few hours of generation a day. They are generating heavily now. The lake is pretty clear and you can see your bait down to about six feet but it is clearing rapidly and the water near the bank is very clear. I have found out scuba diving that does not mean very much when you get out in deeper water. The surface temperature is 39 degrees and steady and the lake in general is in excellent condition. I am heading out crappie fishing in a few minutes and caught some good ones yesterday in the snow. There were no other boats out and it was peaceful. Most people were watching a 60-minute Ballgame and three hours of commercials. I like it better outside than on the couch. It was surprising to me to find how deep the fish were. The smaller ones were on the bottom in 45 ft. of water and the large ones were in the same 45 ft. of water but down 16-ft. Spoons were best for the bottom fishing and minnows on a slip float for the suspended ones. I caught some good bass in the creek in 28-ft. near the bottom on brush with a 1/4 Ounce Bink spoon, white with a pink back. It is very sunny today and I will try a gold crappie spoon. I like the way it reflects different colors in the sunshined water and so do the fish.