We Have been having great Weather But Need Some Rain

The lake level is 558.17 and dropping about 3-inches per day. The lake is clearing rapidly and the main lake is getting too clear. I found Hybrids and White Bass In The Red Bank area on top and caught several but the next day they were gone. It is important to find the stained water and start there. The creeks are clearing too. I am not finding many fish on the main lake near the bank except small ones. Many good brush piles are coming into play at 25-32 feet deep and the larger ones are closer to the surface. I am spooning them with good luck. The open water fish are roaming and moving in and out of the creeks. The surface temperature is still in the low 70's and things will come into place when it drops to the mid 60's. Big fish are not easily caught now but start at the mouths of the larger creeks and start from there and move to the stained water at 50-feet and cast to the bank and work a grub like a worm on the bottom to the boat. Otherwise spoon brush. Some schools of crappie are moving in.