Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

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Lake level is 565.65 and still rising slowly with little generation.  Newport is now at 15-ft. and flood stage is 26 feet. They could be generating more but seem to be keeping things high for a big rain. It is a good thing it is very dry. Hold and hope, let the lakes rise (except for Table rock) to absolutely no one's benefit and then when the big rain comes open the gates and flood everyone below the dams out. What a plan.  Spring rains did not cause this, holding did. I found some 75 degree water on the main lake yesterday and we are no longer behind in heat units and the weather is very warm. The lake is as clear as it has been for a few years and shouild be good for scuba diving. The Martin boys, Alan Lenieus, Bart Vandervelde and Jim and Marlene Liesneski  are all catching fish. This is Jim's 70th year here at Blackburns.  I went out for about an hour fishing and caught walleye and bass for the pond. Fishing overall is pretty good but they are not in a frenzy, jumping in the boat or hot. I wish people would quit killing these 5-8 lb. stripers. They are not big and represent our future. This is the least amount of big fish that I have seen in years. A big fish is 30-lbs and a good one is 20-lbs. Let them grow and keep the white bass if you must. Fish are coming up in the mornings early but not every day and a lot of fish are on the old shoreline before the lake came up in 14-ft. of water in front of the buckbrush. Looks to be a good spawn this year.