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Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

Caught fishing with Bink's guide Service on Top-water. Nice fish.Image title

The lake level is 571.81 and has risen 6-inches in the last 24-hours and there are no generators running or spillway gates open. They are keeping the White River at Newport at 18-feet at all cost. Beaver Lake is less than a foot from going over the spillway. They either have to let some water out or really cause a lot of problems. Newport's minor flood stage is 26-feet and they could have kept it at just below that for months but refuse to do so. Nobody is asking to dry dock the lake in the winter or flood out farmers anytime but just good management techniques that do not hurt anybody. These stupid rules were made decades ago and need to be reviewed. Campgrounds, launches, marina access by land and parking for day use people are affected the most. I did see some debris when I went to Briar Creek crappie fishing yesterday. It came loose with the last rise when they shut down discharge. Be carefull when being out in the dark or do not go out then. The water itself is very clear and clean. Top water bite just at sunrise continues to be the best bite for hybrids and bass. Crappie are fair in 20-feet of water back in the creeks on cover. Look around and you will find schools of them. There is a lot of cover and the fish are not everywhere. Catfishing is fair on jugs and throw lines. I found 70 degree water in some places yesterday. Bink is on the top water fish as are Mike Eakle and Tom Kelly. One month until spearfishing season opens for divers. We will finish painting the pool early next week and start filling it. If you have a need for sand, we have a big sandpile by the pool. Otherwise it will be scarce all summer as well as swimming areas. You can swim off our dock here at Blackburns or in our big pool or off a rental pontoon. You are not out of options.  You may not mind paying for boat stalls, (your first one is free here) but you cannot social distance in a duplex and it is days like today where you really appreciate a big covered porch.