Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

Caught Yesterday fishing with Bink's guide Service.  The fog kept them close for several hours.  They are staying in Cabin #9. Nice people.Image title

The lake level is 556.21 and has risen 5-inches in the last 24-hours with about 8-hours of running one generator. Table Rock is dropping with heavy generation and flood gates open. It is not how we get out of a situation but how we got in it. It was a beautiful day yesterday and another today. Top water fishing is very good in the early morning and continues throught most of the day.  Bass fishing is very good and crappie and walleye are fair. White bass are easily caught as well as Hybrids. I wish people would quit killing those small 8-10 lb. stripers. Pictures of them are not impressive.  It is fishing season here and we are not being disappointed. Blackburns has several good fishermen in now and they are most all catching fish. Wish you were here.  We have no diminished services and have the best prices. Come on down.  We will not charge you too much.