We Have Been Having Some Pretty Good Weather But Our Weekly Rain Is To Move In Later This Week

The lake surface temperature is 48 degrees and is dropping slowly. The lake level is 571.46 and rises when they shut off the generators and drops a bit  when they turn them on. They are running both of them about 3/4 of the time but that is not enough. If they drop the lake 2-inches a day(which is hard to do at this level) until March 15th which starts our prime fishing time it will be at 561 which is a good level but it rains in February and March(and April and May). Reports that high water just makes for more water to have fun is a good theory but does not work if beaches, launches, docks and parking are not acessible. it will not affect top water fishing much but fish in a bowl are easier to catch than in a swimming pool. It is not a good practice to keep the level just one big rain away from trouble. They are going to have to use the gates to supplement the generators and get the level down to the low 550's. It should be 548 going into March. It is not good for the spawn to be dropping the lake rapidly in the spring.  The fishing in general is slow and the lake still has to clear more. I am catching some fish but not very many. It is just good to be out. Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental is open all year has no diminished services.