Now's the time for Spooning Striper

I went diving yesterday and the walleye have moved a bit deeper and are in their normal places in front of brush piles in 26-28 feet of water. Normally they are in the brush but it is still too deep. They are feeding on bass fingerlings. This provides an opportunity for those who like to troll nightcrawlers since they will not get snagged in brush nearly as much. I got two very nice ones in the 3-4 pound range in 28 feet on the bottom or just a couple of feet above. The visibility is still diminishing and the fish are in the cloudy water below the thermocline which is also dropping. You have to move slow with no quick motions. They are more spooky than normal. I have to swim quite a ways before I find any fish and then there they are. I am also starting to see schools of White Bass near the walleye but very few others. Smallmouth bass are shallower and are everywhere with a lot of small ones. I am seeing very few black bass but am after walleye anyway. If you are going spearfishing go sooner than later due to visibility. I am fishing in the Tracy ferry area on the main lake. There are some big ones.