Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

Mike Eakle with some very nice fish caught yesterday on the Bink's Jigging Spoon on Blackburns Brush.Image title

Image title

The lake level is 553.78 and is exactly what it was at this time yesterday. They are dropping the level at Newport quickly and it is now just over 17-feet. The new top of the power pool is 553.75 and the Corps resists turning the control to the power company. It used to be 552 but the changes in management rules by implementing minimum flow for the put and take trout in the rivers took away 1.75 feet of flood capacity. So much for the dam just being for flood control. It is all about the money. They are running one generator for a few hours a day and the flood gates are all closed. I have been going out every day in the afternoon and staying out until dark and catching several bass and crappie. The surface temperature was 50.5 and the lake is stained.  You can see your lure down about 3-feet. One day the spoon works the best and the next the slip float and minnow.  The grub and minnow is just fair but seems to catch a few fish every day. Some very large crappie are being brought in and some decent bass. Many small bass are being caught. My biggest bass yesterday was 18-inches and the biggest crappie was 15-inches. About 3/4 of the crappie are 11-inches or more. The striper fishermen are not doing very well but never do this time of year. They get lock jaw and move just off the main channel and will not bite except when a lure or bait is dropped right on their heads and you get a reaction strike.  You can find feeding fish on shad if you really look hard but most of them are bass and small white bass. I have not caught a walleye for a month. I am mostly fishing brush piles in 25-30 feet of water and the crappie are on top of them and the bass are right in them near the bottom. Come on down.  We will not charge you too much and keep 7 cabins open all year. The weather looks great for the next week. You get a free boat stall with your cabin here at Blackburna Resort and Boat Rental. Check out our new maps with brush pile locations in the game room. The Bink's 1/2 ounce jigging spoon, white with black back and red eye is working best for me.