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This is what I consider to be my best fish yesterday.Image title

We are receiving a light rain today and should get about 1/2 inch total. If it stops I will go out then. I like evening fishing best anyway. The lake is still dropping and is just over 547. This is one reason why I do not like the minimum flow rule for the rivers. They are mandated to let water out of the lake for the put and take trout no matter how low the lake gets and what the effect on the business on the lake. We have been told that the dam is only for flood control and power generation for years but that is not true now. They cannot say that anymore. It is all about the money. Last evening was good for fishing as the wind completely died down and the low pressure moved in the fish started to bite. When that happens I set right on top of brush piles and use a jigging spoon or a live minnow on a slip float. Weather looks to be good all week after today so come on down. 1-800-635-0526  Bass are the best bite now but some of everything are being caught.