Norfork Lake arkansas near Mountain Home in the Ozarks Mountains Region Fishing Report and Lake Condition by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental.

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The lake level is 561.24 and has dropped one inch in the last 24-hours with one generator running continuously. We received 1.4 inches of badly needed rain last night and a little more so far today with more on the way with cooler temperatures. We had some wind but not too bad but we really needed the rain. I do not usually complain about warm weather but this streak was starting to wear on me. It is to get hot again later next week. The surface water temperature is 88 degrees this morning and the lake remains clear from the surface down to about 19-20 feet with a mud line from there to a little less than 30-feet. It is clear and cold at 32 ft. and several fish are from 25-32 feet.  30-ft. brush piles are holding mostly bass and bluegill. I am still not seeing very many crappie. Spoon main lake points with brush at 27-35 ft. and you will catch fish. Move on around the inside of the points a little shallower and White Bass are there suspended a few feet. Catfish started to bite last night and should bite again tonight with the new moon and very slowly dropping lake level and cloudy skies. Try live bluegill about 3-4 inches long drop-shotted near brush. Flatheads will not bite on dead, cut or prepared bait and are the best eating. Maybe as good as anything in the lake. Blackburns has some openings starting tomorrow so call Debbie at 870-492-5115 to get the best prices on both cabins and boat rentals in the Ozarks. You will like our big pool with slide.