Norfork Lake crappie Fishing On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home

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The lake level is very stable at 553.69 with three or four hours of generation in the afternoon. It is raining today and we need it badly. I do not like going into the winter dry. The water temperature is still near 66 degrees and is clearing everyday. Good crappie fishermen are catching several a day with some large ones mixed in. I catch about 5 or 6 11-inchers before a 15 inch one. Most fish near the bank are still small with the larger bass on brush at 30-32 feet or suspended with the open water fish on shad.  Fishing has not changed much for several days. It is still not great but you can catch some good ones if you work at it. It takes me about three hours to catch 5 or 6 keeper fish not including white bass which do not count. Sunshine tomorrow.