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Norfork Lake Condition and Fishing Report by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental (click here for comment)

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The lake level is 557.58 and dropping 3+ inches in a 24-hour period with one generator running continuously. We had a 67 degree water temperature in Blackburns Creek yesterday and a main lake temperature in the low 70's. The very backs of the creeks in shallow water appear to be turning as is the fall foliage on the roadways with the sumac getting some red and some brown.  The hillsides are starting to get brown with a little yellow on the hard woods. The walnut leaves continue to fall heavily and the maple trees are turning red. This is about two weeks early. The weather is to be beautiful for the next week with highs in the 80's and sunshine. The steady wind has been relentless and hard to get out of and does not go down until late in the afternoon. This does not hurt fishing, especially bass fishing, but I just do not like to fish in it. It is hard to keep the spoon vertical in swirling wind. Several crappie and bass are still shallow (17-feet) on river channel banks on the main lake just at the drop off. Those 1/8th ounce Bink's spoons really work well at that depth especially when there is light wind. You get the best action on 4-lb. test but 6 is ok.  I do not use any heavier than that unless the 3/4 or 1-ounce spoon is used and that is only for deep water in the summer. From now on I will use the 1/8th or 1/4 unless it is windy then I go to the 1/2 and go against the wind with the trolling motor to keep the lure as straight up and down as possible. Do not drag the spoon or it will not have much of a life expectancy. Bass and crappie are together. I am not finding very many open water fish but the prevailing winds are blowing the plankton to the bank and the shad are feeding on it and the bass are with the shad. They can be caught on crank baits. I do not use them much but mostly stick to jigs, grubs, spoons and creature baits.  I will be using slip floats with live minnows over brush in light wind soon for crappie and bluegill and switch back and forth with spoons. My throw line for catfish is not producing very well. The lake should clear as the temperature drops and the turn finishes but I am not much concerned about that unless it gets too clear but that has not happened for several years with the policy of keeping the lake level high. It sure is at a good level now and I wish it would stay just like this for fishing. It has not been good for Scuba Diving this season with bad visibility all year.. Come on down to Blackburns. We will not charge you too much and your first boat stall is free. We will not put you in a duplex or condo where you cannot social distance. All cabins are sanitized after every use and we are open all year.