Norfork Lake Condition and Fishing Report by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental (click here for comments)

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The lake level is 553.62 and continues to rise just a bit with no generation for 24-hours. The lake surface water is 66 degrees and has been about the same for a couple of weeks. We have had warm sunny weather for several days and it is cloudy now with a good chance of rain tomorrow night followed by a cold front. It got a little windy for a couple of hours in the afternoon but calmed before sunset. The lake is getting more clear every day and is a good color and level for fishing. I started catching walleye, crappie and bass as soon as I went out with no bluegill which was a complete turnaround from the day before when I could not keep them off my spoon until almost sunset.  There were several boats out there enjoying the great weather with as many pontoons as fishing boats. One courtous deck boat driver just about rocked me off the dock as he sped by way back in the creek. He was in a hurry to enjoy the day. I have some work to do today and am anxious to get out there in this cloudy weather. I hope fishing is as good as yesterday. Everyone here caught fish and I am glad to report it was better. It needed to. I have been catching fish everyday but it was not easy. Yesterday it was easy. Improvements continue at Blackburns and we are staining and painting everything possible outdoors in the good weather. Spring comes early with people anxious to get out and there is no time then. We are holding our prices but it is getting very hard with increased costs everywhere. Many are not. Compare before you throw your money away and pay too much elsewhere. Propane and boat fuel are going through the roof and the electric company sent out a news letter to expect significant price increases. We need to shut down a few more pipelines to get this fuel up where it should be.  We do not want our many repeat customers to pay too much. They are our friends. Veterans and Police especially.