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I went diving yesterday and the lake has cleared a lot. The thermocline is still at 27 feet and there are a lot of fish at or just below that. Tom Kelly reports catching some nice walleye on long flats on main lake points in 25 feet of water on brush. Many bass have finally moved to main lake brush on points at 25-30 feet of water suspended a bit. Big bluegill are everywhere. The surface temperature is in the mid 80's and varies a bit from creeks and main lake and the time of day. I have no report on stripers except that they are in deep water suspended at 35-40 feet down. Diving conditions have really improved as has the number of fish near the bank and not in open water on shad. There are a lot of baitfish on brush on points finally. The lake level is still rising slowly and is at 553.79 and is keeping some debris floating in some creeks and drifting with the wind. I got two giant crappie which is a change and saw one other school but that was it. They have not moved in in numbers quite yet and the white bass likewise. Bass, walleye and bluegill fishing is the best. Things they are a changin.