Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is 547.86 and droppimg quickly now with one generator running most of the time. They can quit any time now. We are at a good winter level. Surface temperature is at 47 degrees on the main lake and the Ice near the shore in the back of the creeks is almost gone with the near 50 degree temperatures yesterday. It was 48 degrees ambient when I went out yesterday and the lake was calm with no wind. Fishing was a little slow but I caught a few. Tom Kelly was out as were several of Fishermen from the resort.  Tom caught some good bass and I did not get a report from the others. Some were already in when I got back and some were still out. I only saw Blackburns people on the lake except for one other boat. Many resort owners are on vacation and are closed. Blackburns is open all year and uses the money for improvements.  I caught my crappie and bluegill on both Bink's spoons and live minnows on a slip float. Both being about equal. It is to rain tomorrow and then warm up for a few days. Tomorrow morning will be a good time to get out before the low pressure comes in. I go out in the warm part of the day and come in at dark. Works for me. Just as long as I can be out there. The surface temperature usually drops very slowly when it drops below 50. The shad I saw were very small but there were a lot of them. When I see big schools all balled up I just move. No fish on them.  Look for broken schools with a lots of small dots and lines on your locator. Brush was not holding a lot of fish yesterday but a few were there. Work main lake points at about 22-25 feet.