Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

Nice fish. Caught on A Bink's spoon. More too. Image title

It warmed up and they quit generating. Just in time. It was about to cause me trouble. Level is at 546.30. Leave it right here. I wanted to go fishing but was busy making improvements on the resort. We installed a new countertop , built-in dishwasher and cubbards in cabin #11. You will like it and with no price increases. We have no price increase on anything.  We charge less in order for our repeat customers to be able to afford a vacation. We do not see how much money we can extort from you. No reason for it. I have everything I want and am not using your money to go to Jamaica, just to improve the resort. I am proud of this place. Tom Kelly caught some very nice crappie and Bink's did too. I think I can make a crappie fisherman out of him but he is still the best at catching stripers and walleye. We tie at bass. We have several in for a fishing tournament and I do not know anything about it. All I know is there are people fishing all over Blackburns brush piles. I sure wish others would put in their own for their customers like we do. There are always moochers everywhere. Maybe traitor Joe from will move away. No friends here. The snow is almost gone and also the ice from the shores of the creek. I love this place. Best resort, best price and a free boat stall for you.