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Norfork Lake Condition and Fishing Report by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental (click here for comment)

Tom Kelly is one good Bass fishermanImage title

Scuba Steve likes those crappieImage title

Mike Eakle likes that Bink's SpoonImage title

John Bornhop with a good one.Image title

The lake level is 562.64 and has dropped 2-1/2 inches in the last 24-hours with generation equal to about 1-1/2 generators about 2/3 the time. The lake is still stained and the surface water temperature is 80-degrees and dropping. Everybody caught fish yesterday with Tom Kelly fishing Float Creek with a plastic worm, Mike Eakle fishing Hensley's Creek with a Bink's Spoon, John Bornhop fishing near point 4 with both worms and spoons, Carl Scott from Houston is catching several fish near Cow point but no pictures yet and myself fishing in Blackburns Creek with a 1/2 ounce spoon. All were on Blackburns Brush piles that we put in last winter.  They are just now coming into play as the lake drops. We work hard putting in brush for our customers. All are finding no fish below 30-feet of water. Some are in deeper water but are suspended above 30-feet. Some brush extends higher and fish are on top of it. Flathead fishing has slowed, crappie fishing is getting better, bass fishing is good and walleye fishing is just fair. Big bluegill are biting off the dock with crickets and worms. I did not talk to the Deans  but they have been catching some nice bass. It is busy here at Blackburns with people taking advantage of the low rates on both cabins and boat rentals. If you are staying at a place where you are nearly the only customer, you are paying too much. You can get a one bedroom cabin with a covered porch and no duplex where you can social distance and a free boat stall here for $59/day. Trolling motors are free on fishing pontoons. Why pay more unless you just want to or have extra money? Blackburns Resort fun. Some color is showing up on the hillsides for fall foliage.  It is getting dry again here.