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Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

Marty with some nice ones. Welcome back.Image title

Caught fishing with Bink yeaterday.Image title

The lake level is 566.47 and has risen about 8-inches in the last 24-hours. We received a little less than one inch of rain last night and this morning and more is on the way. They are generating very little except for the lake by Branson and Beaver and they are sticking to the 21-ft. rule on the White River in Newport at all cost. I suppose they will just hold and hope and wait until the crops get planted and come up and then flood everyone out downstream like they usually do. Dam management 101: Do not let the water go over the spillway. We will see if they can get that right. They decide how much to let out.  God decides how much to put in. The lake surface temperature was 56 near Blackburns when I went out yesterday and a little lower downstream. The brown water extended from Missouri to just south of the 62 bridge and then it was just stained a green color. I could see my lure down about three feet. Zero feet in the brown water. The creeks are running now. I was determined to find some crappie but was unable to do so. Then I went bass fishing. I caught a few on the jerk bait and switched to the gold single spin and caught more. No picture fish. Binks caught some hybrids and bass and some of our guests caught some big bass. The carp are moving to the back of Blackburns Creek to spawn so catfishing will not be far away. They spawn at a water temperature of about 70 but it does not take long to get there in the shallow water. They must know something is happening. When the small bluegill move in under the dock it will happen and the bass will start making beds. The very warm weather starting on Thursday should get everything going. The shad will spawn and the top-water bite will begin. That is the easiest time to catch bass and red meat fish. There still has been no cases of virus in Baxter County as far as I know and people are taking advantage of the best individual cabins on the lake at the best price to social distance. It is a good thing we have covered porches this morning. Everyone is setting outside waiting to go fish. Check price and if they charge for first boat stalls and then call us. You can save a lot of $ here at Blackburns resort and Boat Rental. It is nice here anbd the price is right.