Norfork Lake Arkansas near Mountain Home in the Ozarks Mountains Region Fishing Report and Lake Condition by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental.

Caught this morning on the Bink's Many Shad Spoon. Image title

The lake level is 563.26 and has dropped just over two inches in the last 24-hours with one generator running continuously. The surface water temperature is 89-90 degrees and the lake continues to clear a little. The White River at Newport is 12.24 feet and was below 12-ft yesterday which means the quick level drops are over.  The thermocline starts at about 23-feet and the water is cold at 29-feet. Not much has changed as far as fishing goes except the fish are going deeper with some larger bass in the 30-ft. depth. Stripers are still on shad and have not gone deep looking for the oxygen bubble yet but it will not be long with the hot weather which is going to get worse later this week after tomorrow. Some walleye are with the stripers.  We have had 0.2 inches of rain since June 6th. This is as dry as it has been in several years. Get out early at about 6:AM and fish until 8:AM and then come in for the rest of the day and then go out at dusk and bass fish with the black light and salt craw. Catfishing is getting a little better with the waning moon and the slower lake level drop on drop shotted jugs with live bait. A live shiner or bluegill about 3-inches long is the best bait. Some white bass are inside of main lake poiunts suspended about 20ft. down. Come on down to Blackburns, we will not charge you too much and a free boat stall comes with your cabin. We have several rental pontoons but do not allow dragging anything behind them and they have to be in everyday before dark. If you want to drag stuff you can stay here and rent a boat from a marina. No problem.