Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is stable at 546.30 with no generation. The minimum flow was installed so it cannot siphon below 548 so they are using one gate to compensate. They could have done that in the beginning and saved millions of dollars. We need more government. The lake is trying to clear and the surface temperature is above 44. I did see a few shad dying yesterday but not many. They were very small and those are the ones that are affected first. The water temperature does not look to drop for the next several days. I am glad they continued to stock hybrid stripers. They wanted to quit two years ago. They grow fast and are easily caught and are a good substitute when the stripers get scarce and they do this time of year. Very few large ones are being caught now. I caught a 3 or 4 pound hybrid and a couple of white bass spooning yesterday but nothing worth keeping. I switched to brush piles and caught several bass of all kinds and put them in the pond. Bink's caught some good stripers yesterday but it was not easy. Tom kelly caught a basket of nice crappie for Gus. People are fishing hard and not catching very many. I fished for four hours and only caught 6 keeper fish. it was nice to be out and there were several boats. We had people at the resort fishing some bass tournament but I do not have any details. I talked to fishermen that went out with a guide and complained they only caught two fish but they were using live bait. This time of year while spooning do not snap your line hard. Let it hit the bottom of the line and then give it a slight jerk about three inches and try to keep your line straight up and down and hit the fish on the head. I had a single hook break off a treble hook and kept using it. I then had another break and kept using it. I have not lost a spoon since and have not lost any fish on account of it. I now use the side cutters and remove at least one. Go against the wind and keep your line straight up and down and do not let it go sideways. You cannot troll or drift with a spoon. Life expectance is about two minutes if you do. The grub is still not working for me and I try it everyday. I am not finding very many fish close to the bank. Windy with rain tonight and then cooling to the 50's. I will take that. We are working on improvements at the Resort everyday and there will be no price increases for this year and we still do not charge for a normal sized boat stall. You can save about $25/day by staying here and do not have to sacrifice any quality and are closest to Mountain Home, dining and shopping.