Yesterday Was a Cold and Windy Day

Jerry Jensen with Some Of Last Week's Catch. Mary Caught Most Of Them.Image title

The surface temperature dropped below 60 this morning for the first time. The level is 558.03 and is a good level but not for this time of year. I have some news for the guy turning on the generators: it rains here in the late winter and early spring and the lake rises. Should you not get prepared for it? Duh. Government. It needs to get bigger. It got cold last night and we had our first hard frost but it is sunny with light winds today and highs are to be near 60 for the next several days. I like going into the winter with good groundwater. We are redoing our pool with new skimmers and cement repair and will repaint it in the spring. We also just put in a new pump. # 12 has some new siding, bed frame and bedding, #9 a new mattress, #11 a new stove and #3 a new water heater. Debbie and Susan are painting everything and things look good inside and out. Steve is going over all of the boats and trailers. He takes each one of them out for a test drive before they are rented. Our boat rental is growing exponentially.  I am fortunate to have such good employees. Open water fishing has been good with most people fishing with spoons. Jerry and Mary Jensen were using big shiners and catching some very good fish. We are glad to have them as friends and hope they come back soon.