Warm Weather Here - Snow and Ice Gone

The surface temperature in Blackburns Creek is 40.5 now and rising. All of the Ice that was near the bank in the back of the creek is gone. The lake level is 552.18, rising slowly and the lake is in excellent condition and clear. You either have to go deep on the main lake or in the creeks for some stain. The fish I caught yesterday were 45-foot deep just up from the bottom on the main lake and part way back in the creek on brush at 28-feet. Minnows for the crappie just at sunset 16-feet down and spoons the rest of the day. I am heading out right now. Bink fished hard yesterday and caught just a few fish. He is using the grub and small spoon about the size of the dying shad. Jerk baits are not working yet.The live bait striper fishermen are going to have a hard time this early spring. The fish we are catching are just full of shad to the point of spitting them up. I did not clean out my live well after filleting my fish and the dead shad just about choked me when I opened up the door. With this warm weather keep a small crappie minnow net in the well and dip them out. I had at least two dozen of them in there and only caught six fish. The fish are not in a feeding frenzy and are not jumping in the boat. It will take warmer water to get them off the bottom where all of the sunken shad are located. They do not have to move to get all the feed they want. You can still catch some good fish on brush where they are schooled using minnows and spoons if you get out early and again just before sunset. I am doing it everyday. Blackburns Resort has the best prices on both cabins and boat rentals and do not charge for regular sized boat stalls. You do not have to pay extra elsewhere unless you just want to. No price increases on anything again this year. I just bought a 18-ft. Nitro Bass Boat for rental yesterday. It is fully equipped, has a 115-HP Engine and will be ready for rental after Danny from Independence Marine gets finished going over the whole boat and checking out everything. I am in the process of taking all of the rentals boats to him to check out. He is the best mechanic in the area and my friend. It will rent for the same price as our other larger Bass Boats. I will post pictures in a few days when I bring it home. Nice Boat. Blackburns is full starting later this week. People are anxious to get out of bad weather. Call for your reservation to prevent disappointment on getting the cabins and boats of your choice. We are the first to fill up. Be glad to have you. If you are staying at a place where you are the only customer you are probably paying too much.