Norfork Lake Fishing Report By Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home In the Ozark Mountains (Click Here for Comments)

We received another 1.3 inches of rain and the level has risen to 553.77 or about 7-inches in the last few days. They are still running one generator just a few hours in the evenings. Surface temperature was 71 degrees in Blackburns Creek last evening and the water is clearer than before the rain. We are not dry anymore but are not too wet. There was a lot of lightening and thunder but no wind. There was hail south of us but none here. There were a lot of good fish caught yesterday with hybrids, bass and stripers caught early on top water and crappie caught througout the day. Some very large crappie but many small ones. Some bass are still on the beds. I am catching flathead catfish everyday now on the trot line on small bluegill. You can catch channels and blues on about anything but you need live bait for flatheads. They are the last of the fish in the lake to spawn. The brush piles have a lot of small crappie on them. Come on down and we will not charge you too much. 1-800-635-0526