Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

Caught on a spoon yesterday.Image title

Tom Kelly with a nice bass released at the boat.Image title

John with a good one.Image title

Look at the size of this crappie caught by John Bornhop. It is as big as the cooler.Image title

The lake level is 554 and rising with 1.4 inches of rain and the creeks are running. We are at least 6-feet higher than it should be for the first of the year and about where we should be for June 1st. The people managing the dams should be fired immediately. They have had many chances to drop the level. Hold and hope. They are running the generators now. We are one big rain away from being too high and they seem to like that. Blackburns is full now with people taking advantage of the low prices on cabins and free boat stall but also taking advantage of most other places being closed. A lot of the boats you see in this area of the lake are staying here. I took some floating fish food out on the lake with me over by the bridges and threw it out on the water to feed the ducks. A few minutes later there were seagulls everywhere. Shortly after that there were two striper boats there taking advantage of what nature provides. We sure have a lot of bird fishermen. I wonder what they will do when the birds migrate?The lake surface temperature is about 49 degrees and dropping very slowly. Fishing is just fair with white bass the best, crappie second and bass third. Open water fishing is either feast or famine. They go a couple of days with nothing and then find a school of feeding fish and catch a bunch. Bink is the only one I know who is on them consistently and he is strictly artificial. I am catching fish everyday but some days are better than others. I am catching crappie and bass mostly but am not fishing open water. I like those big crappie.