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Norfork Lake Fishing Report By Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home In the Ozark Mountains (Click Here for Comments)

Caught By Tom Kelly Last Week in Float CreekImage title

The most important change is that they have opened the spillway gates a bit and are now discharging the equivilent of three generators. The level is 569.99 and has dropped 6-inches in the last 24-hours. That is pretty fast. There will be no wading in the rivers for a while and the put and take trout are getting plenty of minimum flow. The water color is off-brown and not what I like for fishing. It is not clearing. Some stripers are being caught in the Float creek area in 25-30 feet. It has been cold with highs in the late 30's but is to be back up to 50 by Sunday. We received some mixed precipitation but not enough to cover the ground. The white bass are full of bloodied eggs and are about on schedule for a February spawn. Unless it gets very cold there should not be a shad kill.  There are plenty of shad with many large schools with no fish on them. The Game and Fish people will be at the Striper Club meeting Monday February the 22nd and the main item of interest is their stopping the stockings of Crappie, Catfish and Hybrid Stripers in Norfork Lake. They did this unilaterally with no imput from the public. Executive orders are not good. The meeting is at 7-PM at the Eastside Baptist Church at 718 East 9th Street in Mountain Home. If you care about Norfork Lake Fishing it would be good to attend whether a member of the Striper Club or not. Maybe we can change their minds. Norfork needs more stockings not less. I wonder where the fish are going? They are not increasing the numbers of stocking of other speces to make up for the cuts. There is a shortage of big stripers in Norfork now. You can also contact the head of fisheries in Little Rock at and express your views. There are not too many fish in Norfork Lake. We are nothing like Greers Ferry. Everything was going well and the new regime in Little Rock wants to change everything. 


Don Katashuk
Posted: 4:11 pm 01/21/2016
Steve, I emailed Chris Racey, and asked him specifically about the crappie stocking. This was his answer: "We are reviewing fish stocking statewide and working with our hatchery system to incorporate new science and try several new strategies. Specifically with regard to crappie, the scientific literature clearly suggests that natural crappie spawns in a reservoir the size of Lake Norfork can provide sustainable crappie populations over time. Crappie spawns are notoriously cyclic, meaning that they have years where spawning is good and years where spawning is not so good. With the high water we have experienced in recent years, we expect the population to thrive in the absence of regular stocking. That said, our biologists will continue to monitor all of the sportfish species at Lake Norfork and ensure we are adapting over time with our management strategies as needed. Feel free to call me any time if you would like additional explanation." I hope they know what they are doing...
Posted: 6:14 am 01/22/2016
nice fish Tom. I wish I could go to meeting Steve, but I will send email to the little rock office.
Blackburns Resort and Boat rental
Posted: 11:48 am 01/22/2016
Jeremy Risely Informs Me that the game and fish meeting with the Striper Club is February 22nd not this month. Thank you Mr. Risely. Sorry about the bad information. Guess i just wished it was sooner.