Norfork Lake Arkansas near Mountain Home in the Ozarks Mountains Region fishing report and lake condition by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental.

Our big dock with four Purple Martin Houses. A stall comes free with your cabin rental. Image title

The lake level is 553.50 and has dropped 1/2 inch in the last 24-hours with the one operating generator running for a few hours and then shutting it off. They started it up at 9:AM this morning.The surface water temperature is 53-degrees and has not changed much in a couple of weeks. It warms up during the day and then gets cool at night with cold fronts continually moving through. The water is as clear as it has been for several years with no big rains so far and I could see my lure down about 10-feet in the sunshine on the main lake and a little stained in the creeks but not bad. It is very clear near the shore. Low boat traffic and no water runoff helps. It is almost too clear for fishing. They flooded us out the lhe last of March last year. It certainly looks like spring but I still do not trust March. We still get a frost about once a week in the low lying areas. We are headed in the right direction. Fishing remains just fair but some good fish are being caught but you have to work for them. I have seen no top-water action but some fish are clear back in the creeks in shallow water in the evening after the sun has been shining. I am catching a few fish in different places but not a lot. I am mostly using spoons and grubs with minnows vertical jigging.  Trollers are dragging umbrellas and crank baits with a weight clipped in front to get deeper part way back in the creeks near the shoreline. Bass fishing is the best but a few crappie and small stripers are being caught. The lake overall is in good condition and at a good level for fishing. I would like it to stay right here all year long but fat chance of that. It is just nice to be able to be out there in the sunshine when the wind is not blowing. I have all 8 of my Purple Martin Houses cleaned and ready for their visit. It should be any day now for the scouts. Blackburns is a State of Arkansas Bird Sanctuary and have lots of them My bird feed bill is higher than my grocery bill. Blue Birds, Cardinals, hummingbirds and Purple Martins are my favorites but we also have chickadees, nuthatch, all kinds of woodpeckers including pileated, pine siskins, tit mice. Eagles, herons, osprey, ducks and geese grace our dock area. Owls fly low at night. It is a fun place. Come on down and we will not charge you too much. Compare prices and give Debbie a call at 870-492-5115 for a reservation. She is already turning people away because we are full for some weeks and they have to pay much more elsewhere for less. Watch for those price increases and get a total bill. Blackburns will not be raising their prices for 2024. Some are raising again this week just when things start to warm up. Some also charge for the first boat stall at the dock. We do not. Come on down. We will not charge you too much and you will like it here. Closest to Mountain Home, dining and shopping. 28 acres in the winderness but still close to everything in a beautiful green flat valley good for a playground for the children They can ride their bikes the flat 1/3rd mile to the dock. No going down a cliff to get to the water.  You can launch your boat right here and no need to go elsewhere requiring two people. We have it all and at the best price.