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When I went diving yesterday afternoon I did see a few changes. I went down to about 40-feet and did not feel much of a thermocline. Bait fish have moved back to the main lake brush despite the water staying so hot. It is still 85 degrees. The level is stable at over 554 and the visibility is fair with not much difference how deep you are. I am seeing no algae suspended in the water. The schools of crappie are still not on the brush and there are fewer big bluegill but the big bass are everywhere from 28-32 feet in the brush. All different kinds of them. I got a nice walleye at 35-feet on the bottom and a big crappie but they were the only ones I saw. The white bass have not moved to the creeks yet. Bass are coming up in the late evening but there are a lot of small ones. Mixed species are all together. There is little oxygen in the water past 35-feet and it is holding the temperate bass there against their will and it has to be putting stress on them as they prefer colder water. A lake turnover will not help this. We need some rain and cooler weather to help the fishing. It is not the best right now but bass and catfish are doing pretty well and a few stripers are coming in but not many. I am used to seeing many schools of white bass this time of year but they are just not there, preferring to stay suspended in deep water where there is sufficient oxygen to live. This is not uncommon but the water is usually cooler by the 9th of September. The last of September is usually my favorite time to spearfish with the middle of June second. I am just happy to be out there. I got two nice bass and a catfish on a Bink's jigging spoon on Wednesday but it was hot. They are now in Tom Kelly's trophy pond. I saw no evidence of a fish kill there but the water has to be hot. There was quite a bit of surface activity in the late evening when I put them in there.