Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

Caught yesterday. Need more clothes today.Image title

They quit generating and the lake is stable at 545.67. Please do not drop it anymore. Surface temperature is about 45 degrees. It is to be cool for two days and then warm back up. It was 64 when I went out yesterday and sunny with a south wind at 5-10. The weather has been a rollercoaster for several weeks and so has the fishing. You cannot take off for a couple of weeks and go fishing once or twice and write a meaningful report. It is changing so much. What works one day does not work the other.  I went to three different places yesterday and the crappie were gone from there too. I did catch four keeper bass and one crappie but it was slow. Bass fishing is still the best right now. It always hangs in there when everything else gets tough. I worked the grub a bit yesterday and got no results and switched back to the Bink's spoon and caught all of the fish on it. Still 25-ft. of water in brush. I have not lost a spoon since I clipped off two of the treble hooks. I get snagged just as many times but am able to get all of them out and have not lost any fish on account of it and it is much easier getting the hook out. You might want to try it. There were a few more very small lethargic shad yesterday than the day before but it is not due to the water temperature. It is not dropping but will not go up any the next two days with this lousey weather. Monday will be better and then a big warm up. We need some rain but no ice please.