Cloudy and Cool Today to be in the low 50's This Weekend

The lake level is 569.28 and has risen 1.4 feet in the last 24-hours. The brown water from the runoff has moved down the main lake in the old river channel to the bridges area. There is some debris but not too much since this has happened twice before this year. The creeks are clearer than the main lake. I hope the put and take trout in the rivers are getting enough minimum flow as we could use the 1.75 feet of flood control that it took away. Norfork Lake is not hooked to the chain of lakes and would have been much better off than the other arera lakes if the level had been down to where it should have been for this time of year but we are still ok but do not need any more rain for a while until the rivers recede and they let some water out. We received 6.2 inches of rain here at Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental in a three day period. Norfork is in the best condition of all area lakes and I will be fishing later today. Everything is fine here at Blackburns.