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Caught some of these and put them in the pond. Not very many though.Image title

They are generating heavily and the lake has dropped to 545.76  they can quit anytime. The lake is stained both creeks and main lake and the surface temperature was 54 when I came in last evening. Our bass fishermen fished all day and caught two or three keeper fish each. They are good fishermen and it was slow for them. I caught a few crappie and bass. A couple of the crappie were nice but the biggest bass was three pounds. Not too good. I had been catching at least one big one a day.  The last three days have been abnormally slow for me for March. I go out almost everyday and do not try to dodge the cold fronts. If you want to maximize your catch it is wise to do so. The weather is to be a little below average for the next several days with it being cold and dreary today. It is 1:39 Pm and it has just started to snow and we are expecting a freeze tonight with temperatures to rebound to 50 tomorrow. The average high is 58. I have no customers fishing after dark but have some coming in. I am not a crankbait fishermen but they are working a little as are stick baits. I have been working main lake cuts and points but have had a little luck part way back in the creeks but not much. I have several fruit trees and this frost will not do them any good as they have been blooming for several days. We will see what this does to the water temperature. The heat units for the vegetation has been above average but the water surface temperature does not indicate the spring fishing to be ahead of normal. Surface temperature does not usually cool in  March but goes up steadily. Not the case this year. When it clears tomorrow there should be some stripers on the banks at dark with the full moon. I am not seening as many large schools of shad as I was.  Many of the fish on brush have moved back out to open water. When they come back the crappie and bass fishing should pick up again. I do not try to make predictions but just look at the conditions and try to figure out what is happening. It usually works if you go out often enough. If you are staying at a place where you are nearly the only customer you are paying too much. Come on down. We will not over- charge you. 1-800-635-0526  free boat stalls with your cabin and you can launch right here. All cabins have covered porches and we have a garage for you bikes all starting at $53/day for two people.  Also we do not raise our prices in April when the fishing gets good.