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Norfork Lake Fishing Report By Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home In the Ozark Mountains (Click Here for Comments)

Scuba Steve With His First Channel Cat of The Year. It is Now Swimming In Tom Kelly's Trophy Pond.Image title

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Caught Fishing with Bink.Image title

It is to be in the 70's for a couple of days with wind and varying temperatures after that. The surface temperature is 54 and has dropped just a bit with the cool nights. When the lows are near 60 at night things will break loose. We had a mild winter but the water temperature is slow at rising. It is not an early spring. It stayed just below 50 for several weeks and then moved to 56 quickly with the warm rain we received a week ago and then has dropped again just a bit. It has not been a steady rise. The water color is just right and one day the creeks are clearing and the next they are stained. I went out yesterday with mixed results. I do not go just where the fish are biting but to check on what is changing. I prefer to fish with no boats in sight. I tried the back of the south facing creeks with the wind from the south with no luck. I guess it had been blowing from the north too long. I tried some brush with a spoon and still nothing. Made a run to the Red Bank area and could not find the spring crappie so I switched to a crank bait on long gravelly shallow main lake banks and caught some bass. I saw some top water near Blackburns Creek but the shad were moving fast, hard to stay on  and they were smaller bass. i did catch a nice big channel cat on my trot line. The first of the year. Bink is catching his walleye on the bottom with a crawdad creature bait and stripers at night still on the stick bait. Otherwise he is using a swim bait during the day. People trolling umbrellas are doing well in the Cranfield area very early mornings. The fish are not jumping in the boat as some report but you can catch some good ones if you work at it. Blackburns Easter Egg Hunt is Saturday at 3:pm. It gets bigger and bigger every year and the kids love it. We do not only fish here. Call 1-800-635-0526 for reservations.  Blackburns beautiful valley has trees and shrubs blooming with green grass and birds everywhere. We are the fun place and at the best price on cabins and boat rentals. No duplexes, all cabins have covered porches and we do not charge for boat stalls. Come on down. We will not charge you too much.


Steven Street
Posted: 12:34 pm 03/22/2016
That is one nice Norfork Lake Walleye.
Posted: 2:05 pm 03/22/2016
Steve I'm heading to the area April 1st to the 18th like each year to bass fish. What are your thoughts on the Forecast showing staying at or below normal Days and Nights. Do you think the fish are just going to hold at this stage for the next month until the water temps rise into the upper 50's to low 60's with the forecast does not seem that the water temp will increase much in the next month. I'm thinking that spawn will be delayed as last year the first week in April I caught fish will tails bloody . Everyone thinks its and early spring and we will be way ahead but with current conditions and looking at the forecast we are getting behind ? Whats your thoughts ?
Scuba Steve
Posted: 4:57 pm 03/22/2016
There will be some spawning bass by the 18th. Norfork lake bass spawn throughout June. This is not an early year. I have not killed any bass but the big ones are not ready yet. I think they will stay where they are for a while. Many are still in open water on shad. Some are on wind blown banks on crawdads. Time will move them if water temperature does not. You will see top water fish before you leave.