Norfork Lake Arkansas near Mountain Home in the Ozarks Mountains Region fishing report and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental.

The lake level is 554.45 and has dropped 3-inches in the last 24-hours with both generators running continuously. The White River at Newport is 21.73 feet. There is still some ice melting and running into the lake but not a lot especially yesterday when the high barely got to freezing. It was predicted to be 40 and it looks like the long range forecast is still the same but backed up a day. It is to get to 40 today but it better hurry. Some north facing side roads with little sunshine are still very slick.The surface water temperature was still about 42-degrees in Blackburns Creek last evening. I did not check the main lake but it should be a little warmer. The water continues to be very clear.  I feel a lot better about things now that the storm is over, no power outages, the lake did not come up very much and they are keeping the White River at Newport up where it should be. We will see what happens when the lake gets back down to 553.75 and the power company takes over control. It would really be nice to be at 548 by may 1st. The lake overall  is in as good of shape as it has been at this time in years and the fish population is very good. Barring a big rain and low generation we should have very good spring fishing. They can keep the level down if they want to without hurting anything. We can have warm weather the first part of march but do not count on it. I keep several cabins open all year but also close down several. The first few years that I was here it was very warm in early march and I wondered why the previous owners kept the cabins closed until the 15th so I opened them and filled them with customers who wanted to get out of winter from up north. Wrong thing to do. It got down to the single digits and it took two weeks to fix the plumbing. You cannot be here just a few years and think you know everyting. There are good reasons why things are done the way they are. I hope it is warm startng next tuesday for the beginning of march but I will not count on it. I also hope we do not get a big rain,severe weather, or high winds the 1st of july. My dock has broken loose twice in 27-years and they both were the 1st of july and Blackburns dock is in a very protected cove. The resort is in a protected valley and has not had a tornado in over 70-years but nothing would surprise me anymore except catching a 11-lb. walleye. 10-lbs is my biggest so far but I am working on it. There has to be an 18-inch crappie in this lake somewhere and I am working on that too.