Norfork Lake fishing and lake conditions by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat rental (click here for comments)

The lake level is still rising with no generation and the people managing the dams not only need impeached , they need prosecuted for neglect. Can you believe the White River at Newport is 8-feet for absolutely no reason and nothing is being done about it.  The good news is that the ice is out at the launch at Blackburns and our dock. You can launch here, park here, and step on the dock. No sense paying more money to stay elsewhere unless you just have too much. If you do I suggest helping out the disabled veterans. You can stay here in a two bedroom cabin with covered porch and no duplex for the same as others with only one bedroom with no porch and we have a much better place.  The fishing may not be the best now but you can at least get out there. Many people from the north are getting very tired of the cold and I do not blame them. It was 73 today and most of the snow and ice are gone but the backs of the creeks still have remaints of what some people call beautiful. I do not call a child freezing to death in Texas Beautiful but I am not looking out of a picture window and drinking coffee and getting a check. I have work to do and need to make a living.  Things look pretty good here now but the fishing will get better over time after the dead shad are all gone. It may be tough for a few days but Bink and I pretty much know what to do. I like to catch fish when nobody else can. Anybody can do it when it is easy. You do not hear from them when itis difficult only wheneverybody is catching them. That will be in early April or when the stripers that are left simulate a spawn.  I will let you know.