Quarter Inch of Rain

It was badly needed. We were getting dry with the hot sunny skies. It has cooled off to the 80’s now and is very comfortable. We missed the heavy rain they got in Northwest Arkansas and Missouri. Everything is green and the lake is in excellent condition. You do have to walk down some steps to get to the dock but do not have to go somewhere else to launch.  I saw a turkey with six chicks, four other big Tom turkeys, rabbits, squirrels, several deer and two Eagles yesterday between the resort and dock. There is wildlife everywhere. Stripers are scattered but are in deeper water and suspended on shad and can be caught on a spoon. The best thing now is to get a good locator and learn how to use it. If you do you can see your spoon going right through the shad on the graph. There is a lot of baitfish outside of the buckbrush and when you see this you can be sure some predators will be near. I like the break from the heat but you can be sure August will bring it back. We are about 1/2 inch above  average rainfall for June and the lake has risen a little less than two feet in the last two weeks and remains pretty clear.  Come on down and rent a boat. We will not charge you for most boat stalls or trolling motors for pontoons. All cabins have covered porches and are individual with no duplexes. Child and pet friendly.