Norfork Lake Fishing Report By Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental On Norfork Lake Arkansas Near Mountain Home In the Ozark Mountains

It rained last night and this morning and we have received 0.8 inches. The lake has risen 1 inch. They had better start letting out more water whether they want to or not. Remember 2008 boys. They continue to operate under the parameters set by politicians. It is not like they are protecting cash crops in January. The Mississippi is flooded whether they let Norfork Run over the dam or not. It is all about the money. Cold weather is coming for the next couple of days and it is the first of the season. Next, the Arkansas Game and Fish are drastically cutting fish stockings for 2016 for Norfork Lake. Crappie, Catfish and Hybrid Striper stockings are to be eliminated this year with no increase in the numbers of other speces. This was dropped on us Thursday. Again, all about the money. The lake fish population on Norfork has been managed very well in the past and has continually gotten better. These changes are wrong. I suspect these fish will be moved to other lakes with more political power than here. We need more government. The people making these decisions need to be elected. I am basically a postive person but it is hard right now. There are a few stripers being caught around the bridges but not very many or very big. In the 5-8 pound range. I am catching a few bass and crappie but not very many. This is as slow as I have seen it in 21 years. The lake needs to clear a bit.